having a clear vision

Vision, behaviours, values and ambition are what drives the coach. However it would amaze you how many coaches are not clear on these key areas! As a leader of a group of people we are always going to be challenged and therefore it is essential to have an identifiable personal coaching brand which we can utilise as a framework to lead and manage players and staff with confidence.

visualise a coach you admire

I want you to think of a leading coach, someone you potentially look up to or admire. Now, on a bit of paper I would like you to answer the following questions;

What are the clear characteristics you see from this coach? What is their motivation? What insights have you got to how they manage their players and staff? What are their strengths?

Ok, so now you have answered the above questions, give some thought into how you might be described by your former players, staff, board and supporters. Did you have certain characteristics and style that were clearly identifiable to you? Where your behaviours consistent and based upon your values as a person?

How did you go? I've have been interested in this with topic for a number of years and it lead me to research and create the Coach Identity course on the back of asking these specific questions.


When I began creating the Coach Identity course I had a real desire to understand strategic management and how that can apply to the modern coach. Our role as a leader or coach can by multi-faceted and I thought with all of those moving parts, and management of staff, how does a Head Coach function with clarity and purpose continuously.

I then focused on the individual , and it soon became apparent that we as coaches ask our players for commitment, professional behaviours, standards and focus continuously, however how many coaches create their own Coach Identity to which they hold themselves accountable?

I have supported coaches from America, Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Spain and Scotland all of whom have found that the Coach Identity course supplements their technical and tactical qualification as the specific learning outcomes within the course are never covered on the standard football coaching course curriculum.

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what happens when you develop these skills?

By developing these skills you will have the confidence to lead with authenticity and provide a clear direction to your squad.

It will support you in being able to;
  • Create a performance culture underpinned by your identity as a coach.
  • Develop an environment which is lead by positive behaviours.
  • Deliver with consistency and purpose.
  • Manage your staff and squad effectively.
  • Demonstrate clear leadership qualities and provide definitive direction.
  • Optimise your potential by leading with authenticity.

identity pro approach

To implement a successful Coach Identity you need to become aware of the importance of the following key areas;

Coaching Vision

Defining a clear vision for your coaching career.

Winning Behaviours

Being prepared to commit with a clear purpose to remaining professional and applying high standards.

30/60/90 days

Providing strategic leadership direction in the delivery of your football program.

Module One

Learn about you! During this stage we will gain a clear understanding of your behaviours and coaching career ambition throughout a comprehensive coach assessment.

  • Gain the understanding of your learning style to identify how you prefer to learn new information.
  • Establish what motivates you to ensure you remain focused and committed.
  • Create your personal brand.
  • Design your go-to pillars to maintain personal accountability.
  • Analyse your current strengths and become aware of how best to utilise those strengths.
  • Establish the potential development areas to ensure the greatest impact on performance.
  • Develop an understanding of your conflict mode.
  • Learn how to apply the principles of emotional intelligence into your coaching and leadership style

Module Two

Develop your 30/60/90 day development strategy.

  • Define your coaching culture and behaviours.
  • Identify your key stakeholders and top 5 priorities.
  • Develop the foundations to create a sustained performance culture.
  • Acquire the skills to design and implement development actions by months.
  • Develop the 10 Key Areas of a football department.

a summary of what you'll get

Training Lessons

5 hours of interactive tutorials delivered by Scott Miller via Zoom.

learning resources

Bonus tasks and workbook to ensure you have access to the information you require when you need it the most.

Private Student group

Connect with other students in the Identity Pro Player HQ and discuss relevant topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions before joining?

No problem I have answered our most frequent questions below to help you with your enrolment decision.

How are the sessions structured?

The Coach Identity course is scheduled at a convenient time for both of us, we will aim to schedule in a one hour session weekly for five weeks.

What will I need for the course?

You will require an internet connection and access to Zoom via a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Do you offer a payment plan?

You have the option to break up your investment into two or three payments.

Do you offer group licences for teams?

We offer team discounts for groups of 5+ people looking to join the course together.

Please get in contact with me at scott@identitypro.com.au, ensure you include your club details and number of coaches members you’d like to register and their full names and email addresses.

Do I have to be a elite coach to benefit from this course?

Absolutely not! Coach identity students include elite, semi-professional and amateur coaches wanting to expand their knowledge in preparing for competition. This is not just isolated to coaches, the course is transferable to performance experts.