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performance with purpose academy

Join the athlete community that is transforming their mind, body and spirit. This online 10 week holistic program will set the tone and get you thinking, living and performing with certainty and clarity.

Performance Mindset 001

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performance mindset

Join the 10 week online mentor program for emerging and professional athletes that will give you the skills to access your ultimate performance state by discovering the inner self belief and self-confidence whilst eliminating self doubt.

Team Identity

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team identity

Join the 10 week online program designed to challenge, guide and support coaches to develop team cohesion and team identity. It's structured framework identifies and strengthens the dominant key areas that unite teams high performance culture — One Mentality Mindset, focus and direction.

"Football is a complex game which is constantly growing and players rising to new levels everyday. In order to stay ahead and develop as a footballer I use Identity Pro. It’s the first program that I’ve used that has really helped me maximise my performance mindset. For any player wanting to take their game to a new level, Identity Pro is the perfect tool to help you achieve that."

Andrew Nabbout, Melbourne Victory