About our Identity Pro
12 week package

The 12 Week Fitness Coach package is for players looking for a first class comprehensive program to maximise performance and development.


what does the package include?

Physical Screening

Become aware of your physical attributes & receive your physical screening. The aim of the screening is to identify movements that could increase risk of injury due to poor mechanics or overuse. From this screening your customised program will be created for you.

Injury Prevention Program

Your customised prevention program will be designed intentionally to provide you with a greater focus on structural balance and football specific strength that will support high intensity activities within your game.

Conditioning Program

A football specific conditioning program designed to progressively develop your physical potential and footballing performance. The program has been designed based upon on current English Premier League physical match demands & will expose you to specific energy systems & speed development phases.

Online Support

Gain access to our performance specialist and get the support you require, when you need it. You will also become a member of the Identity Pro community, connecting with coaches & players from all over the world.