The term football periodisation is certainly not new to the modern approach to coaching, however a systematic approach to planning can be a complicated process for many coach's.

The process involving long, medium, short term planning provide a progressive and measured structure with clear aims and objectives are a vital component in determining your teams on field potential and success throughout your season.

The key to implementing a successful periodisation model is to find the balance between increasing the physical capacity of your players and reducing the risk of injury. By doing so we ensure that your squad can withstand the physical demands of the game and play with maximum intensity for the duration of the game.

why football fitness is the foundation of performance

As a player I was always fascinated with fitness as I felt that fitness was the foundation of any high level of technical performance. My view still remains the same, however my principles of training have changed dramatically!

The way we used to prepare players has now changed, and why? Simple, because the game has changed. If you were to sit down and watch a game from the early 90’s with a focus on the speed of the game you would notice that the physical demands of the game have increased significantly, the second factor you would notice would be the body composition of the players. Leaner, more athletic and in general terms more explosive in their physical profiles.

Whilst I was a young player I decided to go to university where I studied sport science. I wasn’t aware at that time that that knowledge would be the catalyst and strength of mine in becoming a head coach. And there it lies. The fact is, of any technical or tactical performance, the basis of being able to execute the game plan always derives from the physical capacity of your players.

So how much focus should you place on your football periodisation model? Will you leave it to chance to see if your players are prepared physically for the season or not? Will you run the risk of overloading your players with no load management system in place that can support the reduction of soft tissue injuries?

I have been a coach for 15 years and my journey started as a Fitness Coach at Fulham Football Club back in 2006 when I was 24 years of age. Over a 10-year period with the club I was exposed to all levels of player preparation from periodisation, strength and conditioning, injury prevention and recovery, and the best part was that I had numerous Head Coaches during that period of time that exposed me to a number of different strategies in which to prepare the squad for the demands of the English Premier League.

What I did learn very early on was that all Head Coaches objective was to have a high player availability for every match as this meant more options to select from for the match day squad. So the question was with this in mind, how can we safely expose the players to the training intensity required to prepare them for the Premier League physical demands?

It was at this stage I began to create my own methodology that has been designed from practical experience at the elite level. It has been structured in a way to increase the player’s physical capacity whilst finding the balance with player availability via load management and injury prevention strategies.

After years of testing training content and prescription to elite players, I have now implemented the Identity Pro Periodisation Model in three countries at the elite level where we have had great success in preparing the players for successful seasons.

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what happens when you develop these skills?

By developing the skills required you can plan and deliver with confidence knowing the outcome of your training program will be highly effective for your teams overall performance and physical capacity.

It will support you in being able to;
  • Understand the physical positional demands and recruit specific players for those roles.
  • Plan and prepare your training sessions with a structured approach.
  • Manage and reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries.
  • Optimise the physical capacity of your players and increase match day output.
  • Ensure your non playing group are aligned with the match day squad physically.
  • Deliver your training sessions with clear physical aims and objectives.
  • Learn how to monitor training load which will enable you to make better decisions.
  • Decrease training monotony amongst your playing group.

the periodisation process

To implement a successful periodisation model you need to become aware of the importance of the following key areas;


The detailed process to planning our daily training session, each training week and training cycles in detail over the duration of the season will provide a clear foundation.


The delivery of your training session is always a reflection of your plan. Base your delivery off your organisation and understanding of the session objectives.


A vital component is the review of the session. Aligning the player feedback and load will provide you the relevant information to determine if your aims and objectives were met.

Ff Module 1
Module One

Learn about the the modern physical demands across the 5 top leagues in Europe and gain a clear understanding of the positional demands of individual players;

  • Explore the physical demands of the modern game and gain a clear understanding of the evolution of modern football.
  • How this information can help you design and deliver football specific training session to enhance performance.
  • Gain an understanding of the physiology of football.

Ff Module 2
Module Two

Understand the principles and sub-principles of the Identity Pro Periodisation Model;

  • Gain insight into the meaning of each principle and what it means from a training load and content type perspective.
  • Learn how the sub-principles drive the intensity and type of training during certain periodisation cycles.

Ff Module 3
Module Three

Learn the importance of planning and develop the skills to strategically plan your season training session with clear objectives;

  • Acquire the skills to plan your season effectively to ensure players physical condition is optimum.
  • Educate your staff on the phases of your season to ensure training targets are being accomplished.

Ff Module 4
Module Four

Attain the methodology to increase your players physical capacity whilst limiting the risk of injury:

  • Using my periodisation methodology to implement your football principles.
  • Plan and prepare with a progressive approach to periodisation and player load management.

Ff Module 5
Module Five

Acquire tactics to implement an off-ball conditioning model that has been designed around the specific positional demands of the game;

  • Develop the skills to implement the football specific conditioning model.
  • Learn the technique of how you can utilise the model to design position specific sessions.

Ff Module 6
Module Six

Discover how to mange team and individual player load to reduce cumulative fatigue and ensure optimal performance on match days:

  • Develop the skills to manage performance data to ensure a high level of player availability.
  • Learn the key fundamental of why we as coaches should collect data from players to support our decisions.

a summary of what you'll get

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