My expertise are based upon the high performance experience in the following leagues:

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high performance football consultant

the role

In the modern era of football, a high-performance football consultant is a vital asset for clubs aspiring to reach the pinnacle of success. Their multifaceted role, encompassing strategic planning, data analytics, and performance monitoring, brings about tangible benefits, ultimately propelling teams towards excellence on the field. As football continues to evolve, our influence is set to play an increasingly crucial role in shaping the future professionalism of football clubs.

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We pride ourselves on collaborative efforts with coaching staff, high performance professionals, and support personnel. Our holistic and integrated approach is focused on ensuring the maximisation of both individual players and collective potential of the team.
what we do
  • Strategic Analysis
    The primary benefit is the overall enhancement of team performance. This is achieved by analysing and fine-tuning strategies, reviewing performance and identifying performance gaps.
  • Data Analytics
    We utilise data to assess player and support staff's performance, identifying trends which allows clubs to make informed decisions.
  • Team Cohesion
    We establish strategies to create and sustain a positive team culture, focusing on improving communication, collaboration and personal development
  • Performance Monitoring
    Implementation of systems for continuous monitoring and feedback on player and team performance.
  • Behavioural Profiling
    Assist in identifying cultural and role best fit within departments.

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our deliverables
  • Performance Analysis Reports

Detailed reports on the team's performance, including statistical analysis, department performance, and recommendations for improvement.

  • Individual Player Assessments

Comprehensive evaluations of each player, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. This could include recommendations for personalised training programs.

  • Strategic Performance Plans

Long-term and short-term plans outlining the team's performance goals, strategies, and key milestones.

  • In-Season Monitoring Reports

Regular reports tracking the team's progress during the season, with recommendations for adjustments as needed.

  • Feedback Sessions

Regular feedback sessions with players and coaching staff, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Post-Season Review

An in-depth analysis of the season's performance, identifying successes, areas for improvement, and lessons learned.

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Our clients

Who We Work With

Clients seeking high-performance football consultancy services often include:

  • Professional Football Clubs
    Professional teams aiming to optimise their performance, tactics, player development, and overall team dynamics to gain a competitive edge in leagues and tournaments.
  • Youth & Development Academies
    Organisations focused on nurturing young talent and developing future footballers seeking guidance in creating structured development programs, coaching methodologies, and talent identification strategies.
  • Individual Players
    From emerging talents to seasoned professionals, individual players often seek personalised coaching, skill enhancement, mental conditioning, and career guidance to reach their full potential.
  • Coaches & Staff
    Coaches, technical staff, and management seeking expertise in tactical analysis, leadership development, team-building, and sports science to enhance their coaching methodologies and overall team performance.
  • Football Associations & Federations
    National or regional football associations aiming to improve the overall standard of football in their respective areas, focusing on talent identification, coaching development, and grassroots programs.

Our clients are driven by the desire to excel in football, whether at a professional level, in developing future talent, or in enhancing individual performance. They seek specialised expertise and guidance to refine their skills, strategies, and approaches in the highly competitive world of football.

Our approach

flexibility in our partnership

Discover the range of services we offer to elevate your footballing performance:

  • Initial Assessment Package

Includes comprehensive evaluation of the team's current state, initial data analysis, and presentation of findings.

  • Performance Improvement Package

This package covers the implementation of strategies, individual player and staff assessments, and department analysis.

  • Post Season Review & Planning

Comprehensive analysis of the season, identification of successes, areas for improvement, and future planning.

  • Consultancy Retainer

Customized retainer for ongoing consultancy, including continuous support, strategy refinement, and access to our expertise throughout the year.

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We have worked in collaboration with professional clubs in the the following leagues:

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