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professional coach development

How do we as leaders design and implement a structure that can influence our team dynamic to ensure sustainable team cohesion and focus?

The characteristics of a modern leader require high emotional intelligence, a defining purpose that is inspiring and the ability to engage and build trust with its athletes and staff.

Executed correctly, the leader can positively influence organisational culture, and enhance business performance through empowerment of more effective teams.

This leadership program is for aspiring leaders that want to identify their personal leadership principles, build high performing teams, lead change and innovation whilst positively influencing the team dynamic.

leadership program overview

who should attend?

This program is suitable for anyone responsible for leading people and teams.

  • Senior Sports Executives
  • Head Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Head of Performance
  • Director of Sport
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why you should attend?

We provide the opportunity to specifically focus on the current situation, determining the potential and creating the elite team dynamic whilst obtaining a clear understanding of;

  • Defining your Leadership Principles?
  • What is our current Team Identity?
  • How do we create a Team Culture?
  • What are the teams Winning Behavours?
  • How to influence the Team & Individual Mindset?
  • Are we an intelligent Team and Functioning effectively?
  • How will we become Successful Together?
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