why is a mentor important?

guidance and accountability

As a young coach I was always in search of more information, innovative ways to improve performance and obtaining a clearer understanding of managing staff and players.

That practical element was priceless, the day to day collaboration in elite sporting environments taught me an incredible amount. However, during this time I always entrusted a mentor, an experienced person within a field I wanted to learn and develop within my own skill set.

That sounding board for guidance, to learn from and someone to hold me accountable to my career vision its why having a mentor is vital.

what can i offer as a mentor?

culture, performance & mindset

Having studied throughout my career in fields such as coaching, sports science and sport psychology I specialise in providing mentoring for coaches and athletes that want to progress or need support. My key areas of expertise lie in coaching, creating a performance culture, performance management and psychology.

My experiences with elite players and coaches over a 15 year career has provided me with a deep understanding of the the professional sporting environment.

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