player support and guidance

Why engage a mentor?

As a mentor it is my responsibility to support and guide you to help you reach your full potential in your career.

Through mentoring, I will provide you with the knowledge, resources and encouragement you need to:

  • Develop high potential
  • Facilitate transition
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Address derailing behaviours
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Mentoring can give you the perspective and skills to develop your performance mindset.

How does mentoring improve performance?

The role of a mentor can support & guide another person with situations like the following;

  • Identify & address performance-related roadblocks.
  • Establish actionable and motivating performance goals.
  • Recognise & address their self-limiting behaviours & mindsets.
  • Increase self-esteem & self-perception.
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what are your mentoring options?

Mentoring sessions are conducted online over a 60min period.

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My coaching philosophies and principles are based upon the coaching experience in the following leagues:

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