Join the footballers worldwide following my specifically designed six week online program.

November Off Season

training plan

A 48 page comprehensive six week training plan and step by step guide.


Training sessions that include injury prevention and football fitness sessions focusing on structural balance and energy system exposure.

Exercise Videos

Detailed exercise descriptions with videos so you have the right technique.

All our programs are digital ebooks, available instantly worldwide!

what's inside the programs?

Training program

This will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the six week program. The why, the how and when are all covered, taking any decision stress away, ensuring you can train with specificity and a clear purpose. Train with confidence knowing that you are adequately preparing for the pre season.

Performance Mindset

Establish your performance habits and goals for the duration of your program to ensure you are holding yourself accountable and remain focused during this period.

Injury Prevention

The injury prevention program has been carefully designed, with specific focus on what the modern day footballer requires. We will provide you with two program cycles over the period of the program, focusing on structural balance and core stability it will ensure you are prepared physically and mentally to maximize your physical performance.

Football Fitness

The football fitness program has been designed based upon on current English Premier League physical match demands and will expose you to specific energy systems and speed development phases ensuring you remain injury free and focused on your performance goals. The three day program will ensure you are progressively increasing your intensity and maintaining your physical capacity throughout the off season.

nutrition guidance

Providing practical guidance and support designed specifically around the performance demands of the off season program. This guide will explain what foods to eat at anytime, what foods to limit during the off season and provide you with a bonus of three performance smoothie recipes.


Providing you with a clear understanding of how best to recover post training and matches with a selection of recovery protocols.