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Join the six week online program for athletes that will give you the skills to access your ultimate performance state by discovering the inner self-belief and self-confidence whilst eliminating self doubt.

No matter if you are an established professional athlete or an emerging talent, inner confidence and sustained motivation in a results orientated environment is one of the most challenging to achieve in sport.

“It’s all about meeting the right coach at the right time".

It’s not enough to be passionate and talented in a highly competitive industry; professional and emerging athletes need to be able to deliver consistently, deal with set-backs and have an unrelenting commitment to achieve their personal ambition.

"I’ve always felt that that knowledge is one thing, however empathy and understanding is key to any relationship with an athlete".

It is in these moments that we need to focus on ourselves and work towards establishing a balance where our mindset and energy are aligned to perform with passion and unrelenting desire.

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how can working with our team support you?

observe, identify & plan

After 15 years of experience working with elite players in the English Premier League, Hyundai A-League and the Danish Superliga, that exposure to top level footballers has provided me with fantastic insight into the performance mindset of some of the worlds elite footballers.

To achieve our performance goals we need to first complete a comprehensive player assessment focused on learning style, behaviours and football career vision.

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what is a performance mindset?

analyse, CREATE & implement

Our objective is to work with you to establish a clear structure to preparedness and high performance.

  • Commitment to Professionalism
  • Commitment to Preparation
  • Commitment to Personal Attitude
  • Commitment to Lifestyle
  • Commitment to the Team
  • Commitment to Coachability
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how will this improve your performance?

deliver, sustain & review

We will provide you the keys to developing and sustaining the implemented high performance framework.

  • What motivates you to Win?
  • How Coachable are you?
  • How are you viewed as a Team Member?
  • How can you sustain a Performance Confidence?
  • What is your potential as a Leader?
  • How can you manage Negative Challenges?
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what does the mindset program include?


A comprehensive player assessment focused on learning styles, football career vision and winning behaviours.


Determine a clear structure and foundation whilst identifying performance gaps to holistically create elite performance in key areas such as lifestyle, nutrition and injury prevention.


Develop a process for aligning your beliefs, values with purpose to support your movement towards your performance outcomes.

All of our programs are online, and available worldwide!