The Winning Mentality

The Winning Mentality Program is for players looking to explore and define a solid framework that supports sustainable high performance. Its unique philosophy establishes a greater sense of a players performance identity and a structure in 'Creating The Elite' mindset.

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about the program

The Winning Mentality Program has been created by our Head Coach Scott Miller to support the individual mindset.

he mindset of an athlete is crucial when determining the attitude, commitment and sustained focus during the development phase.

After many years working with elite players in Europe and Australia we have specifically created 11 Key Areas in developing and sustaining a Winning Mentality within in an individual Performance Framework.

what is a winning mentality?

winning mentality

  • Commitment to Professionalism
  • Commitment to Preparation
  • Commitment to Personal Attitude
  • Commitment to Lifestyle
  • Commitment to the Team
  • Commitment to Coachability
how will this improve my performance?


  • What motivates you to Win?
  • How Coachable are you?
  • How are you viewed as a Team Member?
  • How can you sustain a Performance Confidence?
  • What is your potential as a Leader?
  • How can you manage Negative Challenges?
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what do i get?

deliver, sustain & review

  • Masterclass Workshops
  • Live Performance Workbook
  • Online High Performance Support

Winning Mentality Workshop

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"The Live Performance Handbook provides players with a structured process that stimulates their mindset; strengthening the key areas attributed to high performance in order to provide a lasting performance framework"

Scott Miller, Identity Pro

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