the importance of a positive mindset?

No matter if you are an established professional footballer or an emerging talent, inner confidence and sustained motivation in a results orientated environment is of the most challenging to achieve in sport.

It's not enough to be passionate and talented in a highly competitive industry. Professional and emerging players need to be able to deliver consistently, deal with set-backs and have an unrelenting commitment to achieve their personal ambition.

It is in these moments that we need to focus on ourselves and work towards establishing a balance where our mindset and energy are aligned to perform with passion, desire and commitment.

my football journey

My journey in football has been an interesting one! And like many industries and careers we experience some amazing highs in football, along with some heavy lows that tend to sting a little bit for a while.

I meet young players daily that express the desire to become an elite footballer and play at the top level. I agree, it sounds great, and the fairytale that is painted on instagram and on the news about the lifestyle of the elite player is something all young players want to experience.

However are the emerging talent focusing on the right outcome? Are they committed to becoming an elite player or do they just like the sound of it?

Let's start with the amazing experiences! I was part of a team at Fulham Football Club that overachieved. Over a nine year period with the club we achieved top 10 finishes, reached the latter stages of the FA Cup on numerous occasions and the pinnacle of my time there was the 2010 Europa League Final. The funny thing is, we lost that game in extra time to Athletico Madrid, however I still classify it as a highlight based upon how much I developed as a coach during that period of time and the demands of an extra competition placed on the squad and staff.

My aim was to always be a Head Coach from the minute I saw Roy Hodgson do what he did with that Fulham squad during his time at the club. The role of a Head Coach is where I wanted to be!


The dream became my reality in 2015 when I was announced as the youngest A-League Head Coach in history at just 33. I was proud, I was ready, I accepted the challenge. What was to follow however, wasn't planned and something that took it's toll on me and really challenged my beliefs and love for the game. I was sacked.

It was at this stage that my mentality was really challenged and I had to work hard to recover.

I started to work on creating the Winning Mentality course. I wanted to create a framework for players to utilise that would support their individual development within a team environment. The key was it had to ensure they had the necessary mindset and skills to excel and withstand the pressures of elite football.

I have now delivered The Identity Pro Winning Mentality course to players from four different countries all of whom have greatly benefited from the exposure to the course.

Winning Metnality Mock Up Art

what happens when you develop these skills?

By developing these skills you will have the confidence in dealing with challenging environments, internal and external pressure and career set-backs.

It will support you in being able to;
  • Increase your self-belief and confidence by identifying your strengths.
  • Optimise your preparation to ensure you are focused and understand your role within the team.
  • Manage your emotions and position that energy in a positive way to help motivate your performance.
  • Learn how to reflect and review a performance with clarity and a focus on development.
  • Learn how to manage negative challenges and set backs effectively.
  • Develop the ability to lead by example and provide direction for your team.
  • Hold yourself accountable to your goals and behaviours that you have set for yourself.

identity pro approach

To implement a successful Winning Mentality you need to become aware of the importance of the following key areas;


Being prepared to commit with a clear purpose to remaining professional and applying high standards.


Ensuring you have a balanced lifestyle away from training and matches and your choices reflect your ambition.


A determination to be successful and the ability to sustain motivation though the positive and negative times.

Module 1 Wm
Module One

Learn about you! During this stage we will gain a clear understanding of your behaviours and football career ambition throughout a comprehensive player assessment.

  • Gain the understanding of your learning style to identify how you prefer to learn new information.
  • Establish what motivates you to ensure you remain focused and committed.
  • Create your personal brand.
  • Design your go-to pillars to maintain personal accountability.
  • Analyse your current strengths and become aware of how best to utilise those strengths.
  • Establish the potential development areas to ensure the greatest impact on performance.

Module 2 Wm
Module Two

Understand the 11 Key Areas of the Winning Mentality Framework and practically implement those into your individual development through guided questionnaires and tasks.

  • Develop the foundations to create a sustained Winning Mentality.
  • Learn the behaviours required to make the next step in your development.
  • Acquire the skills to remain focused on performance and learn the art of controlling your emotions.

a summary of what you'll get

Training Lessons

5 hours of interactive tutorials delivered by Scott Miller via Zoom.

learning resources

Bonus tasks and workbook to ensure you have access to the information you require when you need it the most.

Private Student group

Connect with other students in the Identity Pro Player HQ and discuss relevant topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions before joining?

No problem I have answered our most frequent questions below to help you with your enrolment decision.

How are the sessions structured?

The Winning Mentality course is scheduled at a convenient time for both of us, we will aim to schedule in a one hour session weekly for five weeks.

What will I need for the course?

You will require an internet connection and access to Zoom via a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Do you offer a payment plan?

You have the option to break up your investment into two or three payments.

Do you offer group licences for teams?

We offer team discounts for groups of 5+ people looking to join the course together.

Please get in contact with me at, ensure you include your club details and number of coaches members you’d like to register and their full names and email addresses.

Do I have to be a elite player to benefit from this course?

Absolutely not! Winning mentality students include elite, semi-professional and amateur players wanting to expand their knowledge in preparing for competition.