My coaching philosophies and principles are founded upon my extensive experience in the following leagues:

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about scott miller

In 2017, Scott Miller founded Identity Pro with the aim of supporting players, coaches and football clubs, through sharing the wealth of coaching, high-performance experience and qualifications he had gained throughout his elite-level coaching career.

Having accumulated 18 years of expertise in prominent football leagues such as the English Premier League, Hyundai A-League, and the Danish Superliga, Scott Miller's exposure at the highest echelons of the sport has provided him with exceptional insights and knowledge from renowned football managers, high-performance experts, and world-class players.

As a pioneering coaching and high-performance platform, Identity Pro provides comprehensive coaching and high-performance services to players, coaches and clubs worldwide.

By exposing players, coaches and clubs to the finest methodologies and practices from around the world, Identity Pro aims to support and elevate the standards of football & performance to facilitate the growth of the sport.

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The learning experience for young players should always revolve around fostering passion and enjoyment for the game
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Players' will undergo an all-encompassing and demanding coaching program that holds immense importance in fostering the progress of our young talents. This comprehensive curriculum covers vital aspects such as technical skills, tactical understanding, physical prowess, and psychological development

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high performance consultant

In the modern era of football, a high-performance football consultant is a vital asset for clubs aspiring to reach the pinnacle of success. Their multifaceted role, encompassing strategic planning, data analytics, and performance monitoring, brings about tangible benefits, ultimately propelling teams towards excellence on the field.

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