At the age of 18, a significant setback in the form of a broken leg thwarted my aspirations of becoming a professional footballer. However, this disappointment served as a catalyst, propelling me towards a new beginning in coaching. At 24, armed only with a degree in Sports Science and an ambitious dream of working in the English Premier League, I took a one-way ticket to London. My goal was to immerse myself in the highest echelons of world football, learning from and being surrounded by the best in the game.

London became a turning point in my life. With youthful vigor, determination, and fearlessness, I approached several professional football clubs, armed with my playing experience and Sports Science degree. Over the next nine years, I delved into the world's finest coaching and sports medicine practices, continuously seeking knowledge and earning my UEFA A Licence and a degree in Sports Psychology.

My theoretical learning was complemented by invaluable practical experiences alongside esteemed managers and players, including luminaries such as Roy Hodgson, Mark Hughes, Martin Jol, Dimitar Berbatov, and Damian Duff.

The elite, world-class, and intense environment in the UK felt like home to me, shaping the high standards that have guided me throughout my coaching career. My time as Assistant Coach at Fulham and the Socceroos prepared me for my next milestone as the Head Coach of Newcastle Jets, earning me the title of the youngest Head Coach in A-League history.

Upon returning to my hometown of Melbourne, I noticed a significant gap in coaching methodologies in our country. Our current and emerging football talent lacked exposure to the elite coaching practices and environments that had shaped my journey in the UK. This realization became the driving force behind my current venture, Identity Pro, as I strive to bridge that gap and provide our football talents with the best coaching and support possible.


My coaching philosophies and principles are based upon the coaching experience in the following leagues:

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