Jasper Clorley

Melissa Clorley

“The Identity Pro Academy is both a professional and fun program with a strong technical focus, that has further developed my son's football skills and confidence in his own ability. Highly recommend!”

Lachaln Warner

Todd Warner

“My son has blossomed under the guidance of the Identity Pro team, Scott Miller is one out of the box. He has the ability to get the young boys to listen and wow are they learning a lot with so much fun included. Thank you Scott”

Murray Williams

Pete Williams

“Amazing programme that is so good for players ready to challenge their skills across all aspects of the game. The confidence my son gains from the sessions is easy to see.”

Ethan Hunt

Rachel Hunt

“My son looks forward to training each week with Scott and the Identity Pro team and he enjoys the challenges of each session. The professionalism and knowledge of the coaching staff is evident, a sound base in sports science coupled with the latest international sports specific knowledge makes for a great program.”

Jack & Sam McDonald

Bec McDonald

“The impressive work ethic, organisation and professionalism has been a standout! Equally important has been the personal connection and your perception of who the boys are. This makes difference to them not only as players but more importantly people.”

Sol Dupon

Steven Dupon

“My son absolutely loves being coached by Scott and the Identity Pro team. They are truly professional in how they coach the kids and set up the training sessions. Scott and his team are supportive and encouraging whilst focusing on performance and player development. They've worked with my son for the past 5 months and as a result my son's performance has increased remarkably. More importantly, my son's love for football has never been bigger. Scott's sessions are by far the best football sessions we've attended.”

Michael Bovalino

Aidan Bovalino

"Over the last year my son has had the privilege of learning and evolving from Scott's passion for the game and dedication to guiding and inspiring footballers in their journey. Under Scott's guidance my son maintains a strong passion for the game, willingness to learn and become a more proficient football player and more importantly a confident and motivated individual".

Tim Schleiger

Xavier Schleiger

"For Australian football to continue developing, it relies on dedicated football enthusiasts to stay involved. It's truly gratifying to witness Scott Miller's unwavering commitment to nurturing young football players through his diverse coaching roles and business initiatives. Scott possesses a distinctive combination, integrating his international experience and profound knowledge of physical preparation with his technical and tactical coaching philosophies, making him an invaluable asset to the game. My son has had the privilege of spending extensive one-on-one sessions with Scott, and his football development has accelerated significantly as a direct result of their time together."

Barrie Cullen

Kam & Olivia Cullen

"Under Scott's supervision, my son and daughter have experienced a remarkable transformation in their game insights, tactical knowledge, game intensity, and professional approach. Most importantly, Scott's coaching focuses on teaching the fundamentals, which has had a profound impact on their development. Not only have they grown technically, but they have also made significant strides in their mental approach to training and match day. Scott's guidance has been truly invaluable."

Chris Petratos

Zach Petratos

"Zach embarked on individual sessions with Scott in 2019, and the progress he has made since then has been nothing short of remarkable. Scott's guidance has resulted in tremendous improvements in Zach's physical strength, technique, and mental toughness. The credit for Zach's growth goes to the dedicated work Scott has put in with him. We eagerly look forward to continuing our journey with Scott for the foreseeable future."