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Athlete Mindset Program

The mindset program has been carefully structured to cover important topics, aimed at enhancing the player's knowledge and expertise.

Below are several significant benefits:

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Personal and professional development
  • Achievement of goals
  • Enhanced self-awareness and confidence

* The mindset program includes a monthly online call, focusing on a variety of football and performance-related subjects:

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Focusing on the mental aspects to help you reach your full potential.

what happens when you develop these skills?

By developing these skills you will have the confidence in dealing with challenging environments, internal and external pressure and career set-backs.

It will support you in being able to;
  • Increase your self-belief and confidence by identifying your strengths.
  • Optimise your preparation to ensure you are focused and understand your role within the team.
  • Manage your emotions and position that energy in a positive way to help motivate your performance.
  • Learn how to reflect and review a performance with clarity and a focus on development.
  • Learn how to manage negative challenges and set backs effectively.
  • Hold yourself accountable to your goals and behaviours that you have set for yourself.

mindset program overview

The program is divided into five modules, each packed with practical and academic learning opportunities.

Player Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Perform individual player assessment and establish personalised goals to identify areas of development.
  • Empowers athletes to develop mental toughness and adaptability, enabling them to overcome challenges and excel under pressure.
  • Builds unwavering self-belief and assurance, allowing athletes to perform fearlessly and reach their full potential.
  • Helps athletes overcome negative thoughts and insecurities, fostering a mindset of confidence and positivity.
Set Backs
  • Equips athletes with strategies to quickly rebound from failures and obstacles, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.
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My coaching philosophies and principles are founded upon my extensive experience in the following leagues:

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