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Players' will undergo an all-encompassing and demanding coaching program that holds immense importance in fostering the progress of our young talents. This comprehensive curriculum covers vital aspects such as technical skills, tactical understanding, physical prowess, and psychological development.

My training approach is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that coaching sessions are thoughtfully crafted with precise individual and group learning objectives. These objectives are carefully aligned with the Identity Pro coaching curriculum, providing a structured and effective framework for our players' growth and development.

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The learning experience for young players should always be centred around passion and enjoyment for the game.

Core Coaching Principles

The Identity Pro coaching fundamentals will provide a consistent framework for the design and delivery of the coaching sessions. All sessions are designed around the following core principles;


The fitness program will prioritize the enhancement of the players' physical capacity, structural balance, and overall performance. Through a structured progression, it aims to ensure optimal performance on match day.


The football skills program encompasses the essential fundamentals of technique and skill. This concept is carefully crafted to provide players with the chance to refine their football techniques within a progressive and measurable syllabus.


The football movement program is thoughtfully designed to complement the technical curriculum for all players, serving as a fundamental development program that supports both technique and physical advancement.


The technical program places emphasis on enhancing the players' technical and tactical understanding of the game. Its clear structure fosters a fun and enjoyable learning environment, facilitating player growth and development.

Coaching philosophies and principles are based upon the coaching experience in the following leagues:

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