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Scott Miller is based in Melbourne, Victoria and travels interstate and internationally for speaking opportunities.

To book Scott for keynote speaking engagements for your next conference or team development workshops, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Departing Melbourne in 2006 with a dream and an unrelenting ambition of working in the English Premier League, the hard work and commitment soon became a reality when Miller joined Fulham Football Club in late 2006. Over a 9 year period at Fulham Football Club, Miller assisted some of the brightest Managers, such as Roy Hodgson, Martin Jol and Mark Hughes, culminating in numerous top 10 finishes and the highlight of his time the Europa League Final in 2010 against Athletico Madrid.

2015 was a defining year when Miller was appointed the youngest ever Head Coach in A-League history where he took the reins of the Newcastle Jets.

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How do we as leaders design and implement a structure that can influence our team dynamic to ensure sustainable team cohesion and focus? We must specifically focus on the current situation, determine the potential and then create the elite team dynamic.

To do that, we need a clear understanding of the following:

What is our current team identity? How do we create a team culture? What is the team’s winning behaviour? How can we influence the team & individual mindset? Are we an intelligent team and functioning effectively? How will we become successful together?

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The Modern player is different. We as coaches are continually up-skilling ourselves on the importance of technique, skill and football understanding. However, a fundamental component many coaches are missing, is how to define and develop the player mindset.

Developing a player is not easy. In a modern world filled with distractions, dreams and an inability to focus, we as coaches need to be prepared to influence the mind before any form of football technique or skill.

Discover how to define the current player, understand how individuals learn and master the ability to optimise the player learning and development.

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How often have you heard the term Winning Mentality? Or players being defined as having or lacking a Winning Mentality? Its not enough to be passionate and talented, players need to be able to deliver consistently, deal with set backs and have an unrelenting commitment to their personal ambition.

The Winning Mentality Framework has been specifically created to discuss the 11 Key Areas of how do we as coaches and parents develop and sustain a Winning Mentality.

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