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Athlete Mentoring Program

The mentoring program has been carefully structured to cover a wide array of football topics, aimed at enhancing the player's knowledge and expertise.

Below are several significant benefits:

  • Transfer of knowledge and skills
  • Personal and professional development
  • Achievement of goals
  • Enhanced self-awareness and confidence

* The mentoring program includes a monthly Zoom call, focusing on a variety of football and performance-related subjects:

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Focusing on the technical, physical and mental aspects to help your reach your full potential
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Player Assessment & Goal Setting

  • Perform individual player assessment and establish personalised goals to identify areas of development.

Mindset Conditioning

  • Provide mental training sessions aimed at cultivating resilience, confidence, and focus among the players. Educate them on effective strategies to manage pressure and uphold a positive mindset.

Performance Nutrition

  • Education on the significance of maintaining proper nutrition and hydration to achieve peak performance.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

  • Educate the players with knowledge about injury prevention techniques and appropriate recovery practices.
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My coaching philosophies and principles are founded upon my extensive experience in the following leagues:

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